A List of Board Games Throughout the Ages

If you thought that board games were something that began in the seventies, then you couldn’t be more wrong.

Playing was and still is the way through which humans learn, and this is why games are a very important part of our culture. Currently there are a lot of board games that are widely available, either to purchase in your local supermarket, games store, or online. The choices are almost countless and you can be sure that even if you are not a big fan of board games, you can still find one that suits you and will give you countless hours of fun.

The oldest board game ever confirmed is “Senet” or “Senat” , an Egyptian game that dates circa 3500 BC. Initially, it had a religious significance, it’s translation meaning “game of passing”, but that was gradually lost. When it comes to the actually gameplay and the rules of the game, these are still a topic of some debate. However,right now, the rules of the game were proposed by historians Timothy Kendall and R.C Bell, and these rules have been adopted by the companies that sell Senet sets today.

Other well known board games are Chess, Backgammon and Solitaire. These are well known games that can be found also find in electronic format so that you can play them on your PC, laptop computer and handheld device.

Chess is the classic example of board game. The current version of chess began gaining popularity in the 15th century, but the game is older than that, having it’s origins in a very old Indian game. Right now it’s considered a sport in some countries – a sport of mind since it implies lots of thinking and strategy to be played right and won.

Backgammon is closely related to Chess, not because of the strategy, but usually because most chess boards also include this game in the interior of the casing. This game also has a rich history, being part of the “tables” family which is one of the oldest classes of game boards in the world. However, this game doesn’t require much strategy being a dice game. Even so, it’s still fun to play hence it’s popularity.

Here is a quick list of board games, from all different times: Achi, Ad Elta Stelpur, Bashne, Bizingo, Brax, Bul, Checkers, Conspirators, Fidchell, Fighting Serpents, Frisian Go, and Go-Moku to name just a few.

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